There are a few important questions along the road to selling your car online that need to be answered. Questions like when should you sell your car online? How do you do it? Where should you sell? And, of course: how much is your car worth?

Here are 3 tips we at recommend for determining the worth of your car:

Use an Online Appraisal Tool

Using market data is a great way to estimate your vehicle’s worth. Our online appraisal tool uses metrics including supply, market demand, and mileage to estimate your vehicle’s value. Another trusted resource is the Kelley Blue Book, which updates its pricing on a weekly basis to offer the most reliable estimates possible.

Get On-Site Expert Estimates at a Dealership

An alternative to using an online appraisal tool is to take your vehicle to a dealership and have on-site professionals help determine the value. Doing this will allow you to more accurately factor in other value determiners like vehicle color, wear and tear, additional equipment, and overall condition. Having a second pair of expert eyes look over your vehicle is never a bad idea and can help you get a more concrete answer regarding your vehicle’s worth.

Compare Prices

Take some time to go online and find vehicles with the same make, model, year, and condition as yours and see what they’re valued at. Compare the values and determine an average. It’s also a good idea to do this at traditional dealerships as well. The more information you can gather about similar vehicles the better prepared you’ll be to understand the offer you’re given when you sell or trade-in your vehicle.

We at value transparency to ensure your car-selling experience is as hassle-free as possible. Having a better understanding of your car’s value is a great way to make the entire selling process easier and less stressful.For more information about how can turn your vehicle into cash, contact us online or call at 478-200-3798.

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