Your car is a valuable investment, and you want to protect its value like all investments. Your car will lead you on adventures and facilitate some happy memories. Eventually, the time will come to sell your car and buy a new one. We’d like to give you some tips on maintaining your car in Macon, GA. We can also help you when it’s time to sell your car online.

How to Maintain Your Car

Clean and Polish

No one wants to drive in a dirty car. The upkeep of your car’s interior and exterior is more important than you may think, as regular cleaning, polishing, and waxing of the car will keep the paint in good condition for many years. Modern automobile paint provides more protection from the elements than ever before, but your car’s paint job needs help to continue looking its best.

Bird droppings, for example, contain chemicals that can eat through the paint, making it essential to clean them off ASAP. We advise cleaning and polishing your car at least once a week and waxing your car in spring and just before winter. A car with an immaculate paint job has a far higher value than a poorly maintained one. The goal is to get maximum value for what your  car is worth.

Regular Services

Your car has a regular service schedule, as the engine and all other components need regular maintenance. Gradually, parts wear out, bolts loosen, and seals dry out. It is imperative to replace worn or damaged parts as soon as possible to maintain your car’s value. A small problem, for example, a clogged air filter, can lead to damaged spark plugs, reduced fuel economy, and engine damage.

When you start searching  “sell my car for cash,” you’ll find that a car with a regular, up-to-date service history commands a higher sale price. 

Selling a Car Online in Macon, GA.

When ready to upgrade, you want to sell your car with the least hassle possible. We can help you, as our sales process is simple, convenient, and efficient. We provide a straightforward two-minute online valuation for your car. When you’re happy with the valuation, complete the offer form and schedule your final inspection.

Once you’ve accepted the offer and the inspection is complete, we’ll complete the title transfer process and give you the check in payment.

If you are ready to sell your car, contact us today at or complete our handy online form.

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