Although cars nowadays are designed to last longer and experience fewer issues, there may come a time when you find yourself having to bring your vehicle in for costly repairs on a regular basis. Once you get that bill, you have to make a big decision: do you keep trying to repair the car, or do you simply sell it? As time goes on and as your car needs more service appointments, you’ll be faced with this same decision again and again. However, at what point will you decide that repairs are no longer worth it and that you should instead try to sell the car? 

Here are a couple of benefits to both options that may help you decide on the best course of action.

Repairing Your Car

You won’t have to worry about being without a car for extended periods of time if you have your car repaired rather than trying to sell it and buy a new one. By maintaining your current car, you won’t have to worry about rising insurance costs.

Selling Your Car

Eventually, the cost of repairing your car may exceed its actual value, so it’s wise to consider selling it prior to that point. In addition, selling your car sooner rather than later means that you can get more out of the sale since car value depreciates as time goes on and as more repairs are made. Overall, if you find yourself spending the same amount of money to keep your current car running as you would for a new vehicle, then it may be time to put your vehicle up for sale.

No matter if you’re going to repair or sell your car, the key is to first know how much your car is worth. This will give you a better idea of what you should do so that you can make the most fiscally responsible decision for your wallet.

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