Before internet access, selling a car was a difficult and tedious process. Online sales have gone a long way recently in making the process much simpler, not to mention it’s a seller’s market. Selling your car online is more advantageous and easier than ever, but in order to make sure you truly get the best value out of the sale, you’ll want to ensure you know when to sell it. Here are some tips on when you should sell your car online.

1.       Before you even need to

Most people tend to sell or trade-in their cars at the same time they’re planning to get a new one, and this tends to coincide with their current car’s decline. However, it’s more beneficial for you to sell your car online before you think it might be time to buy a new one. Being proactive by selling your car when you have plenty of time to think all the details through and it still driving well will prevent the headache of a rushed process later.

2.       When repairs are getting costly

There will come a time when your car needs consistent repairs that, when added up, exceed the value of the car itself. At that point, it’s much better to sell the car instead of funneling additional money into it.

3.       Before you hit major milestones

Modern cars can hit the 100,000-mile mark and if well maintained still run smoothly. Even so, this is a major milestone for most cars, and once you hit that 100,000 mark, it becomes more difficult to sell the vehicle. If your car is approaching 100,000 miles, it’s advised that you begin the sales process sooner rather than later.

4.       When the car doesn’t feel safe

Older vehicles may start to decline in safety as well as performance. Once you start to feel like your vehicle is no longer safe to drive, then you should consider selling it for what value is still present.

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