In this digital age many transactions like vehicle purchases and sales are done online. But before you sell your car online, you’ll want to make sure you know the ins and outs of the process to ensure you get the best possible deal for your vehicle. Here are some great tips to prepare your car for a sale.

1.       Clean the car

Cleaning your car is one of the simplest ways to increase its value. Bring your car to a detailing center to have it carefully cleaned inside and out. You’ll notice that people are willing to pay a significant amount more for a car that’s been cared for than one that hasn’t been properly maintained.

2.       Take flattering pictures

You want to show off your car in all its glory. One way to do this is by taking great pictures. Park your car somewhere with good natural lighting and take several pictures at flattering angles to motivate potential buyers. When it comes to cars, buyers do judge the book by its cover.

3.       Value your car

Check various online pricing guides to determine your car’s value. You can assess your vehicle’s worth based on year, make, model, and condition. By using numerous pricing guides, you can establish a base range so you know how much to expect for your car, which is information you can use during negotiations.

4.       Don’t rush

Much like with the car-buying process, you don’t want to rush the selling process either. Take some time to review the offers on your car and see if you’re getting a fair price. Once you’ve had time to review all the information, you can move on and close on the deal that’s right for you.

5.       Have a plan for transportation

Once your car is sold, you’ll need a new mode of transportation. You should have this planned out well before the sale so that you’re not left completely car-less while finalizing the purchase of a new vehicle. Whether this means getting a rental or relying on a friend, make sure you’re all set ahead of time.

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