Where to Sell New vs. Used Cars Online

There are countless places you can go to buy a new or used vehicle, but what about selling one? Whether you’re looking to sell a brand new, top-of-the-line automobile or something with a bit more wear and tear, there are a few places you should consider to ensure you get the best deal possible.

As you think about how to sell a car, here are a few of our recommendations.

Where to Sell New Cars Online

It’s pretty uncommon to have a brand new car that you wish to sell. However, it can certainly happen, whether because you drive home in a new vehicle and your automotive needs suddenly change, or you simply have a change of heart.

Note that you won’t be able to sell the car until you receive the title, which can sometimes take a few days to arrive. Also note that if you’re financing the vehicle, you’ll need to talk with your lender about transferring the title.

As for specific places you can sell your car, consider placing an ad at any automotive website, including your local classified listings. Be sure to explain that the car is practically brand new, and explain why you’re selling.

Also note that, for a quick, simple, and no-hassle selling experience, you can always reach out to AutoBuyers.com, where we’ll always pay top-dollar for quality automobiles, new or otherwise.

Where to Sell Used Cars Online

As for how to sell a car that’s got some miles on it, the process is generally a little easier. So long as you’ve got the title, you should be all set to list on the auto site of your choice. Some common options include:

●   eBay Motors

●   Craigslist

●   Cars.com

●   Edmunds

Keep in mind that, depending on where you choose to list, you may not be required to pay a fee. Also, some sites will have stricter standards than others for what they will sell. For the simplest, most seamless, and more economical option, keep AutoBuyers.com in mind, since we’ll never ask you to pay a fee just to sell your car to us, and we’ll happily buy your used car as it is right now, no repairs needed.

Used Car Buyers Near Me?At AutoBuyers, we buy used and new vehicles on an “as-is” basis, and aim to make the process as simple as can be. We’d love to tell you more. Contact us for additional information at any time.

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